Cartoon Puzzle: Fun for all the Wrong Reasons

The app looks about as unexciting as watching animation get created, but the description is ridiculously entertaining. The imitation-wiki-like article they provide educates us about the purpose and history of animation itself, rightfully calling it a high art.
What is the Best part? You will finally have an answer to your longstanding debate: Is Batman or Mickey Mouse more fitting of this app description declaring him as the “Jesus of cartoon characters”? Holy Holy, Batman, I think it’s a trap!


New New Definitions for Old New Old Words

Sometimes old words are adopted by new technology, and used in a new way, requiring a new definition. But new technology moves quickly, and sometimes after we’ve used the technology a while the initial definition needs an update to something more accurate. That’s when it’s time for NEW NEW DEFINITIONS FOR OLD NEW WORDS.  

Today’s word:   SYNC

Old Definition: short form of either the noun synchronization (to be in sync ) or the verb synchronize (to put in sync); harmonize (-ation)

Old New Definition: verb or noun form still apply, but referring to the technological process of making multiple devices/platforms such as home computer,  cell phone, laptop, ipod, iPad all have the same data at the same time.

New New Definition: for no useful or excusable reason, this application will make at least four copies of all your shit.


On Art Appreciation and Dick Pics

“I want you to know that I totally respect you as a person. So when you say things like you are ‘NOT AT ALL, PLEASE DON’T’ interested in having me send you photographs of my dick, I take that to heart and I want to really prove it to you. So I hope you don’t make me feel unappreciated about this, because, sincerely, I put a great deal of effort and time into this highly detailed pencil drawing…”

Best of The Worst Awards – Mobile Apps & App Descriptions


This is the first in the series:  Best Of The Worst Awards. This perplexing yet entertaining entry comes in under the category Mobile Apps And App Descriptions.
Please enjoy. Remember, I do not endorse any developer or recommend any of these apps actually be downloaded into your mobile unit. Doing so may have unknown adverse effects, and possibly even brick your device.  Only you are responsible for your actions. I’ve always wanted to say this right before having sex.