The Number Two Reason To Love Your Job


Ever feel like you weren’t being paid what you were really worth at work? Have a SHITTY boss, and want to feel a little relief?

In this edition of Best of the Worst: Android Apps, we explore the translated from German Poopster, that takes your input (salary) and times your output (shitting on the clock) to tell you how profitable you have just been as you destroyed your company restroom and a few coworkers’ lunches, as well.

Illustrated by a pic of bbq hotlinks, that may have been fine out in the restaurant’s dining room, but just looked a bit out of place in the wall inside the men’s room.

  • Do you use or know of an app that is utterly ridiculous or has an outrageous Play Store description?
    Drop a note to tell me about why it’s such a stinker, and I’ll be sure to add reviewing it to my ToDooDoo List.


GiDabbelju – January 24, 2013

They often do big business at work? Would not you like to know how much you earn it? How much their feces is actually worth? With this app, now you can!
Simply enter in the settings of the gross hourly wage, go to the toilet, do Start, business, stop and enjoy the profits!
PS: The measurement process can be started and runs automatically in the background when the app is exited via the home key. Thus, while the business will continue to be played as usual on the internet surfing or gaming.
Warning: This app is still under construction and will gradually STILL better.
Friends already “Best app in the world”!
Plans include the following functions:
– Charts (monthly / weekly / daily) for the merit in comparison
– More statistics!
– Widget (If it has to go fast)
– Calculation of water savings (because the business is not done at home)

Currently works Share on Facebook not really. This function has the highest priority and will soon follow!
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Ulrich Spille January 24, 2013
Amazing Finally i have an App where i can calculate my shit. You know u by urself, its so much effort to absorpe all the vitamins. SO download this shit to rate ur shit and see shit is money! SHIT

Additional information

Requires Android
2.2 and up

Content Rating
Low Maturity


What’s in a Meme? and On Downvoting.


This cracks me up LOL(not lol). I get what they’re saying, but disagree completely.
Part of what makes any meme have a lasting impression or create real guffaws is that it has an element of unexpectedness, often from the caption being rather incongruous to the photo it’s added onto.

Those that would criticize ‘Original Content’ should remember that ALL content is created by someone, and was once original and pristine. Just because a grandma and a teenaged girl and a 48 year old virgin posing as a teenaged girl haven’t visited a meme generator site and added their own dribble to the bukkake drivel that the visual/textual art form has become does not mean it should be banished from anyone ever getting a chance to see it.
And yet, there are downvoters lurking and salivating for a chance to do just that. “Well, I didn’t like that, so I must protect the rest of my fellow peers from it’s horrific 4 second long influence on their fragile minds and DESTROY IT AND IT’S CREATOR, SO IT CAN NEVER CREATE AGAIN. Then I shall go and fap to whatever the hell celebrity is being paraded around in her boobjob enhanced cleavage in PG rated shots because I spend all my time showboating my downvoting skills on image posting sites and don’t even know there’s real life porn out there.”

Downvoting is censorship. Downvoting is bookburning. I wish there were a way to somehow give my opinion about downvoters in a way that is measurable and could be aggregated with thousands of other people’s opinions and put into a neat graphical form for others to see and judge. Some sort of aggregated points scoring mechanism, or a vote…..hhmmm.

Here is a speech by Salman Rushdie, slightly adapted for the occasion. Enjoy. Or don’t. But no voting.